The Palace of Filth

The Palace of Filth—a bubble of dung and refuse located in central Malagard—is mostly indistinguishable from the city around it. When Baalzebul was transformed into a slug, his grand castle collapsed into a pile of fecal sludge. The Lord of Lies shapes and reshapes its interior himself, hollowing out rooms and corridors by crawling through the massive pile of detritus. In lieu of doorways, magical barriers bar entrance to unwanted guests. Amid the heaps of debris are the ruins of several thoroughly crushed ancient buildings. Baalzebul must periodically reinforce his rooms with slime secretions. When he forgets to do so, entire rooms collapse, smothering many of his lesser minions. He often neglects his maintenance duties, which depress him, in favor of his schemes for future dominance. His treasure vaults have fallen down so often that several great relics of power are now lost amid the trash and leavings. Even so, fortune seekers can’t root through these collapsed chambers undisturbed. The muck that makes up the palace walls and floors squelches horribly whenever it’s moved, attracting the attention of Baalzebul’s horned devil guardians. The magical barriers can be raised or lowered at will by Baalzebul or any senior member of his staff. Attempts to dispel them are made as if they were cast by a high-level caster. Site details appear on the accompanying map.



Palace of Filth