Devil Obama

So, it has been touted that President Obama is the Anti-Christ. And while we will probably never know it just might be true. Look at the world when Bush left office and look at the world now. Obama, while making everything he does look like it is for the betterment of the target of his ‘eye’ it ends up being a disaster and so much worse. Shall we list them? Lets see how many I can come up with just using my memory.

  • Obamacare. Sure it was supposed to make medical care available for everyone, but it already was. Now it costs more, takes 5 times as long to get an appointment and the care is worse.
  • Iraq. Obama simply pulled out. Just like Bush warned, leaving Iraq on it’s own would leave it vulnerable to chaos, and now it is there.
  • Libya. Obama helps the Arab Spring, allowing rebels to kill Qaddafi and leaves a power vacuum, now being filled with Radical Islamic Jihadists.
  • Egypt. Obama helps the Muslim Brotherhood take control of Egypt. The Egyptian Military sits back and allows the world to see that they are indeed a terrorist groups and then disposes them and kills a bunch of them. Obama was happy to send tanks, jets and money to the Muslim Brotherhood but stops that when the Military gets involved.
  • Lies. It will always be said that Obama is the prince of lies. Everything out of his mouth is a lie. It is so bad that even when he makes a statement to the country on national TV, the media is second guessing his tenacity to sticking to what he claims he will do.
  • Scandals. Everything Obama said during his campaigns when running for President he never accomplished. He didn’t fix the VA. He didn’t have a transparent government. He’s surrounded himself with radical Muslim group sympathizers.
  • Russia is pushing the boundaries and beginning to recreate the Soviet Union and Obama does nothing.


I could probably go on and on, but I get sick thinking about it. This image just goes to show that maybe, this time, the conspiracy theorists might just have it right. Maybe President Obama is indeed the Anti-Christ. I will have to let you decide if that is the case, but with images like this, the lies he consistently spews, one does wonder: Are we at the end times?



The Anti-Christ

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