Welcome to Maladomini

As the walls around you change from writhing bleeding flesh and slowly transforms into rock. You look around at the vast black landscape in front of you and you see off in the distance a landscape unimaginable. Ruins, might fortresses, gold towers and black pits abound everywhere you look. It becomes difficult to breath as if the very air has been filled with poisonous vapors, or recycled. As if it’s never been recycled by a plant or other natural means before. Just reused and puffed out of dead, rotten lungs.




A shadowed warping suddenly appears from out of the side of the rock and a slurring voice that chills your very bones seems to come from all directions at once says to you. “Welcome, welcome honored … guests.” As the shadow forms itself more and more the voice changes as if it is being stretched higher and higher.

“I wanted to personally welcome you to Maladomini.” A Beautiful women appears out of the blackness. So beautiful she borders on perfection, unnaturally beautiful. That beauty only achieved through magic. Your heart starts to beat faster even though you try to control it.

“Not what you were expecting I see.” As she appraises you a knowing smile appears where there was none before. “Maybe something a little more maleficent perhaps?” and the form shimmers and before your eyes long spiraled reddish black horns appear on her head where before there were none. Her skin changes color before your eyes. Where there was pearly white skin before, it is now covered in reddish skin tone with her back a translucent shimmering white of pearly¬†essence that seems to glow. Eyes an unusual pale violet that seem forbidding, though they convey a tiny sense of elation at being able to talk to anyone.”On behalf of Baalzebul, My Lord and the Lord of the 7’th. I welcome you.” She turns and uses those violet eyes to dramatic affect. “My name is Baftis and I was sent to welcome you and inform you that all travelers are welcome here.” With that she turns away and walks a few paces, then stops as if she forgot something.



You get a chill in your bones as she looks back ever her shoulder. Those same chills just before combat, it has you on edge because you know the legends of the Lord of the 7th and they are not good. And to have Baftis deliver it personally, since it was rumored in legend that she was entombed in Malagard by none other than Baalzebul himself. This is a dire invitation indeed.

That same shimmering starts to appear around her as her eyes bore down on everyone. “It’s not wise to ignore my masters request. You might want to seriously consider his offer before he changes his mind.” And she pulls of a pendant from her dress and tosses it at your feet. “Just take this and call my name. I’ll hear your call and arrange transportation into Malagard for you. My Lord wouldn’t be very pleased if you did something stupid” and she pauses, now only her eyes left peering out of the shimmering darkness “like dying before the festivities.” With that she blinks out and the pendant laying on the ruined ground sparkles and even the sentient sludge seems to back away from it as you bend down to pick it up.



The group looks at each other and a common thought seems to appear in each members eyes. What have we gotten ourselves into now?

Once again, welcome to Maladomini; The Seventh Layer of Baator or more widly known as Hell…